The Weekend of Songs: Songwriters Festival suggested donation ticket model aims to expose more people to singer/songwriters, support the host venue and pay its featured performers while trying to grow for years to come.

Non-ticketholders are still welcome at The Local Blend for regular business and to listen during the Weekend of Songs, but only ticketholders will be eligible for door prizes as official festival attendees. We hope that folks who may just be stopping buy for a cuppa joe will stay a while, listen, participate and give a donation or possibly buy a ticket and stay a while longer. Think of it as an opportunity to “test drive” the festival and the talent.

All donations and ticket purchases go toward the cost of the festival and paying performers for their performances. Purchasing tickets also serves a very, very important purpose – helping support the songwriters and showing your appreciation for the hard work they do to create the songs that speak to you.

(Minimum suggested donations)

Friday/Saturday/Sunday single day:
$5 at the door

VIP three-day pass:
$20 at the door (Includes Weekend of Songs t-shirt and supporter perks. To cut down on excess, shirts will be distributed to ticketholders post-event.)